Let us say paste in peace!

Larry Tesler,American Computer Scientist Dies Today.

Paste in peace is not about pasting pictures on wall, let us talk about the computer scientist Larry Tesler.

Will you copy and paste this post somewhere after reading? Well, ever wondered who made this possible for you?

Thursday, February 20

Lawrence Gordon Tesler, great pioneer of personal computing has died today aged 74. His one of the great work for the UI  includes cut, copy and paste mechanism. He describes his invention as

“Conceived, implemented and usability-tested GUI (graphical user interface) and IDE (integrated development environment) capabilities that have become standards in the industry, including the ability to insert or overwrite text without entering a mode by simply clicking or dragging and then typing, move or copy text without entering a mode using cut/copy and paste,type or paste find & replace text into a form that can be edited before and after searching…”

He also worked for the development of Smalltalk, the first dynamic object oriented language.His other contributions were at the big companies like Xerox PARC,Yahoo,Apple and Amazon.

Lets thank this great man for his great contributions. And lastly not paste in peace but  Rest in peace!


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