PUBG banned in India, what about Nepal?

PUBG banned in India and what about Nepal?

On 2019/04/04 The Nepal Telecommunications Authority took decision to ban PUBG mobile in Nepal following the special request of the Central Research Bureau of Police. The Authority had directed all Internet service providers to close the public game.

Authorities spokesperson Mina Prasad Aryal gave information on the request of the police to block the  downloading and playing PUBG.

But following the request of different users and pressure, the ban has been removed nowadays. Everyone is free to download and play the game following no restrictions.

But now, PUBG banned in India along with other Chinese applications like TikTok is taking more concern.

Over the geographical banishment of the PUBG mobile game, I think  it is not about banning the game by government. Every one can play and have recreation in their own ways. Uncontrolled and overuse of such apps may certainly hamper a lot. It generally focuses at mental health.

Playing games can make us creative, out mind is ready for every moves. It can certainly help in strategic management and planning idea of a consumer. Certain Nepali Lads are popular nowadays playing PUBG. They are taking part in national and global PUBG competitions and bringing home a lot of money. This is truly a good aspect.

It is not a goodwill of Government banning the applications though. 

One must learn or take care of the next option “parental control” or “child restriction” or similar “parental monitoring” as a primary cure of the addiction against the mobile game and applications.

Thinking of the wide range view, geographical banning may result in bad relation among the countries developing such applications and games.

Also a sudden permanent ban can hinder the progression of the digital market.

If you find someone near you being more addictive towards games and addictive platforms you can consult him/her. But IP blocking is a  must have the provision that can be managed by ISP’s on request of the particular victim/customer. This can control a lot.

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